I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Manchester, England. I also dabble with front-end development.

I was born in a bleak post-industrial town in the heart of the country. I first discovered graphic design when trying to escape monotonous academic a-level subjects in the mid-naughties. I took me a while to fumble through product design and photography before blagging my way onto a BA course at Staffordshire University. Once there I managed to score a job designing for the Students’ Union and somehow received commendations from Love Creative (MPA Student Roses Awards) and Penguin Books (Penguin Book Design Awards). I left University, did the usual placement thing before finally finding my way into work on various freelance projects. I then worked for three years at Resistance Partners. On the side of this I was one half of design duo MayNinth. We had a lovely little studio in Manchester‘s Northern Quarter, produced a volume of work that we were proud of and learned a lot. I received some good attention, managing to get into publications such as two of Victionary's books ('Neon Pallette' and '64GB'), Icon magazine and The Drum. After nearly three years we called it a day and I have been working independently ever since.

I believe that people are strange and fascinating creatures, and the concepts of culture and society are wondrous to me. I believe in exploring visual culture and in the way in which people interact with form. I believe that design is about developing the quantity and appropriateness of the human experience to portray a subject in it’s most pertinent way. It is for that reason I aim to challenge every brief to find a solution and craft a message most relevant to an audience.