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Surgical Teaching

Project completed at Ahoy

Surgical graduates are trained by textbooks to pass exams and are unfamiliar with applying their theory in a real world context. This is worryingly evident in the mortality rate statistics of ‘Black Wednesday’.

When a graduate’s confidence is wavering and they are questioning their ability, they deeply desire support, guidance and reassurance.

Surgical Teaching offers this support 24/7 through their contextually realistic video library, delivered with real-life footage, CGI animation and expert insights.

Brand Strategy

Surgical Teaching have two clear business objectives: their short term goal is to help medical graduates feel more prepared, while their long term goal is to reduce mortality rates. Their brand strategy is aligned with these goals, demonstrating that whether doctor or patient, Surgical Teaching is helping everyone get better.

The Approach

The identity is helpful and friendly while maintining a level of professionalism. The logo combines a typical medical cross with a play button to create a mark that resembles an arrow; implying positive progression along a career path. The colour palette references typical blues and greens used by medical institutions, which in combination with the logo acts as an industry signifier.

The use of 3D creates a tangible identity, indicating a real-world application. This approach is sympathetic to Surgical Teaching’s main offering (instructional videos) also lends itself to motion through stings.

Digital Presence

Extending the identity by creating set of a digital guidelines for the Surgical Teaching internal team, including social media profiles, campaign strategy, templates and website inspiration.


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