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Fabric specialises in IT solutions ranging from hardware and software delivery to infrastructure set-up and management — including networking, connectivity, cloud and consultancy services.

full fabric logo

Brand Identity

Through logo and pattern the identity graphically expresses interconnected and delicately woven IT infrastructures. Underpinning the identity is a system of gradiented line-work that is always in motion; managing the flow of information across a system.

animated icon

rotating icons

rotating icons 2

icon animation 2

fabric posters


A suite of over 90 icons helps to give context and meaning to a large array of abstract services. The iconography implements gradient line-work seen in the rest of the identity, making it an distinct core visual asset. The range of icons allow fabric’s tone of voice to change between technical and playful while maintaining a consistent style.

Staff Onboarding

This was a great opportunity to create a brand that staff can finally rally behind and gives abstract services a tactile, physical quality, bringing the brand identity into the real world. The staff onboarding pack injects a light hearted, friendlier tone into the identity; referencing IT and internet culture. It doubles as a marketing pack, given out at expos and events.






The website further extend the brand; a screen based application gave us the chance to animate iconography and patterns, furthering the idea of flowing information. A simple grid based layout makes complex information clear and easy to understand.





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