Thrive Media Group

Project completed at Ahoy

Thrive Media Group is a digital services company with an integrated network of agencies. They support the growth of companies by empowering business owners, individuals and the developer community with education, skills and expertise in marketing.

To ‘thrive’ doesn’t just mean to exist or to carry on existing. It means to continually improve — and for business that means growth. Thrive’s variety of of digital marketing services provide this growth.

The digital marketing landscape is crowded with brands that have little differentiation in offering or identity, on the surface it can appear dry and technical. To stand out Thrive has a more emotive approach, focusing on their passion for their work and the results it can generate.

Visual Identity

Aa logo comprised of four corners points out into all frontiers and becomes a wider identity device through motion. The word Thrive is organic in nature, this theme flows through the identity into imagery that imbues the logo.

Verbal Identity

Five key themes (Growth, Discovery, Reassurance, Energy and Vision) underpin the identity, speaking to different audiences at different stages of the purchase pipeline. The straplines developed along side the tone of voice work directly with the imagery they support.


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