Samme Identity & Website

Samme is a fashion designer and needed an identity to show her sleek and smart style. The marque is based around the idea of a piece of thread that doubles as an ‘S’ and works in ambigram form — which is the basis for the flipped theme throughout the identity.

Client: Samme

Agency: MayNinth

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    Relentless Energy Drink Editions Guitars

    From time to time Relentless give away limited edition custom designed products, called 'Editions'. I designed three guitars which were given away as a part of various promotional activities.

    Client: Relentless Energy Drink

    Agency: Resistance Partners

      • Relentless 1
      • Relentless 2
      • Relentless 3

      Relentless Cherry Packaging

      Relentless’ brand mantra is “No Half Measures” and so all design must appear to be highly crafted with painstaking attention to detail. This packaging had to have a voice of its own while still aligning with existing products.

      Client: Relentless Energy Drink

      Agency: Resistance Partners

        • Relentless 1
        • Relentless 2
        • Relentless 3
        • Relentless 4

        Blab #15 Poster

        BLAB is a series of design talks hosted in Manchester. Each talk has it’s own screen printed poster designed by a local agency. Matt asked me to design this one for Tom Muller and Kyle Bean’s talk. Tom works primarily across 2D media and Kyle in 3D, so I created a poster that can only be read properly when transformed into a 3D shape.

        Client: BLAB / Matt Booth

        Agency: MayNinth

          • blab 1
          • blab 2

          Pass The Parcel Mailer

          For our first company birthday, I devised a piece of direct mail, a ‘Pass the Parcel’ mailer to be sent out to current and prospective clients. As each layer is unfolded, a piece of work from our portfolio is shown on the reverse, with a business card in the final wrapper.

          Client: MayNinth

          Agency: MayNinth

            • pass the parcel 1
            • pass the parcel 2
            • pass the parcel 3
            • pass the parcel 4
            • pass the parcel 5
            • pass the parcel 6

            Cheshire Playgardens Identity

            Cheshire Playgardens create bespoke luxury tree-houses and play-frames. Using playful shapes and colours inspired by traditional outdoor play, I created an identity that was modular in its approach, so that it could be reformed on each piece of communication to create a bespoke appearance.

            Client: Cheshire Playgardens

            Agency: Waggledance

              • Cheshire Playgardens 1
              • Cheshire Playgardens 2
              • Cheshire Playgardens 3
              • Cheshire Playgardens 4
              • Cheshire Playgardens 5
              • Cheshire Playgardens 6

              Avery Hill Winter Garden Project Identity & Website

              Avery Hill Winter Garden is a parkland with indoor winter garden. For the past 100 years they have been using postcards as a means of promotion and have turned these postcards into an exhibition. They needed an identity and website for the project, which I developed by modernising visual cues from these postcards. Website still in development.

              Client: Greenwich University

              Agency: Simon Leach Design / David Sudlow & Associates

                • avery hill winter garden 1
                • avery hill winter garden 2
                • avery hill winter garden 3

                Pelé Sports Identity & Website

                Pelé Sports went through a brand repositioning which included changing their seasonal art-direction. Pelé was reknowned for being football’s gentleman. In an ever-increasing age of corruption and unsportsmanship, football needed to rediscover it’s self on a grassroots level… to become a game played in the streets for love, rather than money. Pelé Sports needed to become a beacon for the once ‘Beautiful Game’. We rolled out a sub-brand and campaign called “The Beautiful Revolution” which sought to mix Pelé’s rich values with a hyper/modern visual.

                Client: Pelé Sports

                Agency: Resistance Partners

                  • Pele 1
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                  • Pele 7
                  • Pele 8
                  • Pele 9
                  • Pele 10
                  • Pele 11
                  • Pele 12
                  • Pele 13
                  • Pele 14

                  Your Marketing People Identity & Website

                  Your Marketing People needed an identity which would reflect their personal approach to their clients. I created a soft and rounded marque that is interchangable with a range of other icons — meaning each piece of communication with their clients can look as if it is coming directly from the person that they are talking to.

                  Client: Your Marketing People

                  Agency: MayNinth

                    • Ymp 1
                    • Ymp 2
                    • Ymp 3
                    • Ymp 4
                    • Ymp 5
                    • Ymp 6

                    Defection Tracker Identity & Website

                    Working with and implemented by Al Jazeera, the Potato-built open source Defection Tracker is a platform that provides a simplified visualisation of complex political situations — applied initially in Syria to provide a snapshot of the senior military officials, members of parliament and diplomats quitting the Assad regime as the political situation intensifies.

                    Client: Google (Ideas)

                    Agency: MayNinth

                      • Dt 1
                      • Dt 2
                      • Dt 3
                      • Dt 4
                      • Dt 5

                      Shep Identity

                      Shep is an arts and events organiser that operates within the cultural sector. He needed an identity that would show how multiple parts can be put together to form a whole.

                      Client: Shep

                        • Shep 1
                        • Shep 2
                        • Shep 3
                        • Shep 4
                        • Shep 5
                        • Shep 6

                        Relentless Energy Drink Apparel

                        Relentless are in need of apparel for various activities throughout the year including for their athletes and artists, staff and promotions. Here's a selection of some I've produced.

                        Client: Relentless Energy Drink

                        Agency: Resistance Partners

                          • Relentless A 1
                          • Relentless A 2
                          • Relentless A 3
                          • Relentless A 4